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We’re proud to announce the first Trust Over IP Summit, which will be co-located within the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe in Dublin.


Join the Trust Over IP Summit. You will learn how the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP) is leading the way in the design, development, and adoption of a new decentralized identity architecture. This internet-scale architecture will fundamentally reimagine how users interact with applications and services, empowered with agency over their data and choice in how and where it is used. You will hear from leaders in decentralized identity on how businesses and governments are embracing this new architecture to create convenient, secure, privacy enhancing experiences for their users.

  • Hear directly from globally recognized thought leaders on the impact decentralized identity is having on trusted interactions around the world.
  • See demos that concretely show how this works in the real-world.
  • Participate with hands-on experience of verifiable credentials.
  • Engage with the deep subject matter experts who are building this future, and get to see under the hood with a review of the ToIP architecture and open source specifications.

By joining the summit you will learn how the ToIP Architectural Stack includes governance and accountability at its core to drive confidence on who are the issuers and subjects of digital assets. You will see how this enables trust between entities and the individuals they interact with digitally.


Session 1

Introduction to Trust over IP


Learn how ToIP was founded in May of 2022 with 20 founding organizations and now has over 400 organizational and individual members working collaboratively to provide a robust, common standard and complete architecture for internet-scale digital trust.   It is a simple mission, but not at all easy and that’s why it takes a collaborative community to get it right. Together our members are creating specifications, recommendations, whitepapers and guides to assist governments and organizations embarking on the creation of interoperable trust frameworks at scale.  During this session hear from industry leaders not only what ToIP is all about and how to get involved, but why it is so important at this time.

Presented by:  

Session 2

Wallets and Credentials Hands-On Experience


Gain hands-on experience with wallets and verifiable credentials in this session! You will learn from leading organizations which are practically applying ToIP-spec decentralized identity technologies in their use cases today. During the session you can receive an attendee credential that proves you have been part of the session. As a practical demonstration, you can present this credential for a free drink at the ToIP get together after these sessions 

The session covers:

  • Overview of two production use cases following ToIP specifications demonstrating benefits for organizations and users alike
  • Wallets for users: Chose and install your favorite wallet
  • Verifiable credentials: Obtain your attendee credential for this session
  • Use credential: Show your credential to an org requesting data from you and log in to a web app

Facilitated by:


Organizational VCs BC Gov. Mines project:

  • Nancy Norris, Senior Director, ESG & Digital Trust
  • Kyle Robinson, Senior Strategic Adviser
    Department of Energy & Mines Digital Trust, Government of British Columbia Canada

Personal VCs – North Dakota Education:

Attendee Credential Activity:

Session 3

Technology Architecture Specification


An open, common layered standard played a critical role in the unprecedented success of the internet and the web. In the case of the internet, it’s the famed TCP/IP protocol suites. For the web, it is HTTP and HTML. To accomplish the ToIP’s stated mission of “internet-scale digital trust”, we must learn from the same design principles of realizing scale of the internet and web, and at the same time, apply the human principles of trust to arrive at an architecture that can truly deliver digital trust we want in the internet scale.

Drummon Reed and Wenjing Chu are industry veterans and thought leaders in digital trust, and core contributors to the ToIP Technology Architecture Task Force. Their talk will cover:

  • The vision of a globally interoperable digital human trust
  • The design principles guiding the work of the Technology Architecture Task Force
  • The Reference Architecture and why it is what the community needs now
  • Share their thoughts. Update the status of the specification.

Presented by:

  • Drummond Reed, Director of Trust Services, Avast
  • Wenjing Chu, Senior Director, Technology Strategy, Futurewei Technologies

Session 4

Panel Discussion


The Trust Over IP Foundation was founded by a pan-industry group of leading organizations with a mission to provide a robust, common standard and complete architecture for internet-scale digital trust.  In this session, leaders in digital identity from the ToIP Steering Committee will outline the impact this missing layer has had on digitization of trusted interactions, why technology alone won’t solve this and how the ToIP stack is designed to tackle both technology and human governance to bring open and interoperable standards at each layer of the trust architecture.  This interactive panel will be moderated by ToIP’s Director of Strategic Engagement and will explore the views of its member organizations for a lively and engaging debate on how we finally establish trust in the digital age.

Moderated by:

Panelists (to be confirmed):

  • Alan Bachmann, Senior Enterprise Architect; Steering Committee Member, ToIP Foundation
  • Andre Kudra, CIO, esatus AG
  • Drummond Reed, Director of Trust Services, Avast
  • Nancy Norris, Senior Director, ESG & Digital Trust, Gov. of British Columbia Canada
  • Scott Perry, Principal, Crypto and Digital Trust Services, Schellman

Post-Summit Conversation

Join ToIP members and friends for post summit conversation Wednesday, September 14th, 7-9 pm for a no-host gathering at Urban Brewing, a local pub in walking distance of the convention center.

Location and Venue


The ToIP Summit 2022 is a co-located event in conjunction with the Open Source Summit Europe being held at:

Convention Centre Dublin

Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, D01 T1W6, Ireland

Date and Time


Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 

2:00-5:30pm, in person only.



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