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Passwordless authentication, lifetime private digital connections, verifiable origins for physical and digital goods… Trust Over IP solves many infrastructure problems.

But how does this translate into measurable benefits?

The benefits of implementing a Trust Over IP approach in your organization include:

  • Fraud mitigation. The intended holders of information, and the sources of that information, can be proved cryptographically. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Streamlined processes. The secure, decentralized nature of ToIP technologies means processes can be automated and simplified, leading to operational savings and simpler workflows.
  • Improved User Experience. Customers enjoy access to services without needing to maintain dozens of string passwords. Data exchange and identity processes also become simpler and more consistent.
  • Brand value. Demonstrating rock-solid protection of data, and secure communication to exchange that data, improves the perception of your brand as one that cares about privacy and authenticity.
  • Increased consumer spend. A consumer or customer that’s confident in your identity, data management and relationship management practices is more likely to invest in your offerings.
  • Regulatory compliance. If your industry is subject to data security, privacy, protection, or portability regulations, Trust Over IP is leading the development of “RegTech” that will make compliance easier, faster and more resilient.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs. A combination of open source technologies and a reduced need for centralized services means savings across your tech infrastructure.

Our working groups are actively advancing policy and technology tools towards these goals. Explore membership options, or read more about our working group activity.