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Discussion Papers are to White Papers as a quick sketch is to a finished painting. Discussion Papers provide a quick way (in 500 to 2000 words) to write up radical or unexpected ideas, concepts, or proposals to solve problems, with sufficient detail for others to understand. The goal is to get conversations started on solving stubborn or complex problems in a form that is easy to create, comment and collaborate. Anyone who is a Trust over IP member can contribute.

A case for Digital Notaries – Bob buys a House from Alice

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Some real-world transactions require agreements and guarantees, which require exchanging personal information if just Bob and Alice are involved. How to preserve privacy? Add a 3rd Party, a Digital Notary.

COVID-19 Verified Credentials meet reality – Can Rules Engines help?

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Fall 2021 - COVID vaccination acceptance criteria across the world are inconsistent. An independent 3rd party criteria evaluator solves this using a different approach to “Zero-Knowledge Proof”.

To read more about Discussion Papers and how to write and submit one, see the Guidance for Discussion Papers.

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