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Governance Stack Working Group

The Governance Stack Working Group defines models and interoperability standards for governance frameworks that enable business, legal, and social trust between entities implementing the Trust over IP architecture stack.

Work on things like: Risk Assessment Templates and Guide, Governance Metamodel Specification and Guide, Trust Assurance and Certification Control Document Templates and Guide, Trust Criteria Matrix Template and Guide and the ToIP Governance Architecture Specification.

Technology Stack Working Group -2

The Technology Stack Working Group defines (directly or by reference) the technical standards, test suites, and interoperability certification standards for the Trust over IP architecture stack.

Work on things like: Laws of Identity White Paper, Technical Guide for our four layer stack, Design Principles for the ToIP Stack, Trust Registry Specification and APIs, Test Suites for Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass and other Ecosystems Test Suites.

Ecosystem Foundry Working Group

The Ecosystem Foundry Working group is a place to incubate new projects. It provides a forum to share and learn best practices about ecosystem implementation and explore innovative design ideas. The working group promotes collaboration and alignment across ecosystems, and provides a center of excellence for education about ToIP Layer Four ecosystems that work within the foundation or externally.

Bring your project to ToIP or join projects under way such as: YOMA , PCDS, Cardea.

Collaborate on publishing thought leadership white papers related to your projects and other community focused papers such as: Introduction to the ToIP , Decentralized SSI Governance, Human Trafficking & Safety Response, or ecosystem implementation plans and frameworks.

Utility Foundry Working Group

The Utility Foundry Working Group facilitates a community of practice among governance authorities, implementers, operators, and service providers for Trust over IP Layer One utilities.  We provide process guidance for establishing, monitoring, operating and governing of Public Identity Utilities, whether hosted at the Linux Foundation or externally.

Work on things like: List of Public Identity Utilities, Utility 101 guides, Utility generic lifecycle, Utility case studies (e.g. Sovrin, Indicio, IDunion, Bedrock), Utility project guide, Decentralization by Design, Framework for evaluating utilities.

Concepts and Terminology Working Group

The Concepts and Terminology Working Group’s mission is to assist other TOIP Working Groups, Task Forces, and other ToIP-related communities to develop the concepts and terms they need, to establish a shared understanding, both within their own projects and across the decentralized digital trust industry.

Work on things like: Concept Models (aka Mental Models), Terms Wikis, Glossary Management/Versioning/Linking.

Human Experience Working Group

The Human Experience Working Group examines the design features of digital systems, their governance and the business processes that support them, which make interactions or actors trustable, in the contextual and subjective experience of those using them.

Work on things like:UX Design principles, accessibility standards, best practice UX & HCI examples, and novel human interface guidelines for self-sovereign identity and decentralized digital trust infrastructure; Providing toolkits for inclusive and respectful design; Researching socio-cultural methods of building trustworthiness between people, organizations and technology such as trust rituals and rites of passage.

Data Modeling & Representation Working Group (DMRWG)

The scope of the Data Modeling & Representation Working Group (DMRWG) is to define specifications, best practices and standards related to data modeling, plus logical and concrete representations as to how data is stored, processed and transmitted across all aspects of the ToIP stack, whether these standards are hosted at the Linux Foundation or external to it.

Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass

The scope of the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass is to facilitate a community of practice among implementers, issuers, holders, verifiers, governance authorities, and other participants within the Good Health Pass digital trust ecosystem.  In collaboration with the Linux Foundation Public Health, the Covid Credential Initiative and the Good Health Pass Collaborative/ID2020 the Good Health Pass Blueprint for Interoperability Version 1 (PDF) has been released.

Work is shifting into the implementation phase working to fill the gaps between the recommendation the Blueprint as articulated and what implementers need to make a working system real.

Read more about the Good Health Pass Implementation work.