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Announcing Artificial Intelligence & Metaverse Technology Task Force

By July 20, 2022Blog

Co-Chairs – Wenjing Chu of Futurewei and Vikas Malhotra of WOPLLI Technologies

Two hands, one human and one robotic, hovering over a blue world

Trust over IP foundation ( is forming a new task force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Metaverse (AIM for short), under its Technology Stack working group. The mission of this new task force is to complete a ToIP Recommendation for the ToIP community to address opportunities and challenges brought on by advances in AI, Metaverse and related technologies in relation to ToIP’s mission of creating interoperable trust over the Internet.

Venn Diagram of AIM Task Force's work scope

In one aspect, AI technologies may break the traditional assumptions of digital systems design, even most of the SSI systems or other decentralized systems. In another aspect, AR/VR/XR/Metaverse, combined with AI, may fundamentally alter/blur/erase the boundaries between digital and the real world. After all, our face is our identity, whether we choose it or not, and anyone can create that implied identity without our permission or even knowledge. Once it is in a system, it has a life of its own. How do we find what is real from fake and establish Trust? It is something missing today but critically important if we want our solutions to be useful in the next 5-10 years.

A moire pattern of a person holding their arms out

Metaverse and Web 3.0 are two intertwined drivers in pushing many Trust related issues and technologies to the forefront of defining what is the next internet or the next web.  AI technology raises critical ethical issues with regard to how we think about trust over the internet, e.g. fairness, privacy and accountability. All these aspects, and more generally, AI ethics and harm prevention, point to the importance and relevance of the intersection between Trust and AI.

Many additional topics have to be explored, including Trustworthiness of data, how the AIs work with each other, how does a person determine trustworthiness of AI “on the fly’, potential of harms caused to a person with increased surveillance in Metaverse environments etc.

The task force plans to carry out its work in two phases below –

  1. Phase 1: Survey and White Paper
  2. Phase 2: Recommendation and/or White Paper
High level roadmap for the AIM Task Force

More details are available at AI & Metaverse Technology Task Force – Home – Confluence ( The task force has already met two times, on July 7th & July 14th. Recordings and notes can be observed at Meeting Minutes – Home – Confluence ( Our next meeting is scheduled on July 21st.Come join us at Trust Over IP (ToIP)  foundation to participate and discuss how we should create systems and architectures for Trustworthy AI and Metaverse. Search for TSWG-AIM-TF meeting in the Trust over IP foundation’s calendar at Calendar of ToIP Meetings – Home – Confluence ( See you there!